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Pain’s Capacity

August 20, 2012

See on Scoop.itmachine Pain would be the only character in the manga to work with telepathy, specifically in order to assemble members of Akatsuki. He offers a technique (Gentōshin no Jutsu) allowing them to appear as holograms in their lair. Pain may also invoke the container giant tailed demons and knows the way to seal them in the same receptacle. As a seals specialist, he is able to create a powerful barrier ninjutsu guarding the Akatsuki marks, the “Barrier to five seals.” One of his most notable techniques is to use a subordinate sacrificed for the occasion, and through the chakra of an ally, to make a clone of the very realistic ally allowing it to use most of his jutsu with the exception hereditary techniques. Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Chiyo, Neji, Lee, Tenten and Gai are combating this technique. It is Nagato exactly who pulls the strings of Pain . He leads the six bodies well away, yet with a constraint is that he must be with a specific altitude and distance so it can effectively link his chakra to the 6 bodies. Just like Nagato, the six bodies of Pain and his summons all have the Rinnegan, the most powerful dōjutsu of the Naruto universe, originally owned by Sage of six paths. They also use a shared eye sight. The six component Pain’s body, such as invocations of it, is controlled by chakra waves they receive via receptor chakra in the form of very strong dark-colored piercings, they receive the chakra and allow the body to move. The bodies of Pain may also secrete a Black Rod of the very same substance, capable of disrupting the opponent’s chakra when it is hit, showing a picture of the Rinnegan in the mind of the opponent. Each bodies of Pain has a name, that ninja did not have the original (each body corresponds to a person that Jiraiya has encountered and faced on his trip around the world), and techniques related to the control of a single form of manipulation of chakra. I am hoping the Naruto Shippuden Episode Guide about Pain’s Capacity had helped you understand pain a lot more.


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